I will eat one item per day off the menu at McDonalds and write a review about it.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Someone added this blog to Digg - so if you're a Digg member, it'd be cool if you could digg the article, that way more people can read this!



Ashley said...

This seems like a pretty disgusting idea. Nevertheless I've added you to my feed reader, and look forward to hearing results. :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea. Bookmarked! Maybe some of your reviews will help me eat something other than the cheeseburger!

André said...

Okay I'll read this. I also happen to eat at McDo rather often (three or four times a month) and am sort of interested by this.

Are these special meals a priority or you consider also doing basic burgers (cheese, hamburger, etc.)?

Anonymous said...

Haha, great idea for a blog, and I like the way you write it too. I like how it's simple and level-headed. I hate when people try too hard to be funny/mean. Please don't change your style!

I bookmarked you!

shrthtrh said...