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Friday, October 06, 2006

Chicken Tandoori Deli Choices

Item: Chicken Tandoori Deli Choices
Price: $4.95
Location: Queen Victoria Market
Rating: 7/10

No confusion over what I wanted today. I asked for the Chicken Tandoori sandwich and she knew what I was saying and I got it. It took a while to get, but I was there at around 12:45, so I understand some chaos.

It comes in the same wrapping as the Roast Beef & BBQ Sauce sandwich, and despite knowing the more orthodox method of opening the wrapper, I did it the same way I did yesterday because damn it, it's easier.

It had a pretty strong smell of "tandoori" that was slightly off-putting, but as I took a bite, it was overcome. Same sort of roll as yesterday too, everything pretty standardised fresh. No "holy fuck this is gross" moments. The chicken was nice and smothered in tandoori sauce and it tasted like how tandoori should I guess, not that I'm much of an Indian cuisine expert. The cucumbers were nice and crunchy and the tomato surprisingly tasty. The tomato at Subway (EAT FRESH) totally lacks flavour and is more like biting into a soft fibrous ice block.

No dripping sauce or mayo on this occasion, so it's neater and easier to eat. It's also only $4.95, cheaper than the rest, for a reason unknown to me. It's the same size as the Roast Beef sandwich and seems to contain just as much filling.

I give it a 7/10 simply because tandoori isn't one of my favourite flavours and it did lack a certain strength. It was pretty plain, the only flavour being the tandoori. If you're into tandoori, you'll get more of a kick out of it than I did. (I think I set a record for the most mentions of tandoori in a blog post)


half goon half god said...

Was there yogurt on the sandwich? When I had the tandoori sandwich last year, they put yogurt on it, which nicely complemented the tandoori and cucumber.

Anthony said...

Nah, there was no sauce/condiments of any kind. It would have been nice with some sour cream I reckon.

But probably the addition of any condiment would make is less healthy. The tandoori Deli Choice is the least fattening and has the least amount of calories and carbs than any other burger/sandwich at McDonalds.

Deckham said...

Cheaper, because chicken takes roughly 3 weeks to get to the processing stage and you can cram a lot of them in a small place, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I believe it takes 3 pounds of corn to produce one pound of chicken. It takes 10 pounds of corn to produce one pound of beef. This obviously makes chicken meat cheaper and more efficient to produce. You'll occasionally see chicken sandwiches that are more expensive than their beef counterparts because the chicken sandwich use the whole breast of the chicken, which is a more expensive cut of meat than ground beef.

Anonymous said...

This sandwich looks vile. It looks like something I'd put together at 4 am. If I were drunk out of my mind.

Kuma said...

So the hypothetical..
you have $6 do you go for the roast beef and a glass of water
or get the tandoori and a drink?

Anonymous said...

Man this is one tasty blog.

Anonymous said...

Fck** MC Donalds, this is no Tandoori Chicken, its generic noxious food for dumb ordinary people whithout any culture.