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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Chicken Caesar Deli Choices

Item: Chicken Caesar Deli Choices
Price: $4.95
Location: Victoria Gardens
Rating: 5.5/10

Went to the local shopping centre today to check out Ikea (need some new furniture) and guess what's there - a McDonalds. Grabbed me a Chicken Caesar Deli Choice roll. I can't remember the price, so I think it's $4.95, but I could be wrong.

The chicken caesar has the roll cut all the way through instead of being sliced near the edge and creating a hinge. This made for a messy experience, with lettuce and crap falling out everywhere and by the end I was left with a square centimeter of bread and a large over-sized piece of chicken.

Now the chicken itself was a lot like KFC, but not as tasty. The whole thing was lackluster in the taste department. It has a very inoffensive taste, just, being there, with a very mild sort of spice and that's it. A little bit of mayo adds some taste, but that's it.

The chicken is pretty nice and not-rubbery. The bacon was the opposite - rubbery and crap. It wasn't greasy though. The cheese tasted good, but it wasn't fresh, a bit rubbery too. Some leaf was in there that I don't know what it is, but I couldn't taste any of it so I just ate it.

Overall, the sandwich was average, nothing bad, nothing good. That said, my girlfriend had one at the same time and loved it, so there you go. I give it a 5.5/10


Ben said...

You got a poorly made roll there mate. It's meant to have a hinge on one side, but the douche who made it had split it badly so the hinge was ruined.

Normally they are very nice, the bacon you had was old.


Daniel said...

Wow, that was disappointing. I love the chicken caeser, it's pretty much what I almost order if I go to McDonalds. Sounds like yours was a bit dodgy. You should give it another try sometime, perhaps from another store. I'd give it a 9/10.

RavenKittie said...

Oooo I think the Caesar Deli Choice has the same amount of crap in it as a Big Mac. I remember reading somewhere they had the same amount of kilojoules and like 28 grams of fat. Try the Thai Chicken, we jokingly called it Thai Poison (ordered it that way too) because we didn't know if it was going to kill us or not!

Anonymous said...

You're incredibly naive if you think can judge a foods healthyness entirely on energy and fat content (to an extent, of which the chicken caeser does not reach). Steak for example has nearly half it's calories comming from fats. I don't see many people preaching about the "crap" in a typical steak.

I'm quite a fan on this roll. You got a bit unlucky on the bacon, should have taken it back and asked for a new one.

Anthony said...

Maybe I'll have to a new review on this menu item - seems like I got me a dud.