I will eat one item per day off the menu at McDonalds and write a review about it.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Item: McChicken
Price: $3.45
Location: Queen Victoria Market
Rating: 7.5/10

Sorry for the late update, I've been busy *at work* (who'd have thunk it huh?) I've got two things to write about as well, so expect two more updates today you McDonald's freaks out there.

The McChicken has recently been revamped, with a bigger chicken breast fillet and a bit healthier. Frankly, I couldn't taste any difference between the new one and the old one, but then again, I wasn't a big McChicken eater in the first place.

This particular burger had an immense case of lop-sided mayo application, therefore leaving me with a mayonnaise stain on my pants. It was also interesting to note it came in a paper wrapper, not a cardboard box like the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder.

Taste, well, the chicken was a bit rubbery, chewy, but it went down well. It's certainly not like KFC chicken. It's nice and spicy, not not a hot spicy. An interesting flavour of.. stuff? I don't know what it is, some chemical concoction I'm sure, but it tastes good.

So yeah, the McChicken is nice, but the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder still reign supreme when it comes to burgers. Rating: 7.5/10


RedAngel said...

Hey, for the heck of it you should include your weight in there. I'd really be interested to see if you gained when eating at McDeath every day.

Stuart said...

Used to love mac chickens. I used to get some of the curry nugget sauce and pour it on.

Anthony said...

I don't want this to turn into some health triade against McDonalds, as it's not the purpose of this blog. So I won't be posting any weight fluctuations.

dalas v said...


Man, I wish we had that here in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

i ate a chicken snap wrap and my shit stunk like the bottom of a homeless man's ball bag

Anonymous said...

I USED to always have the chicken burger at maccas, but after tasting the "new and improved" chicken burger, I'll be swapping back to the quarter pounder. The "new" chicken burger is rubbery, to say the least! Nice taste still, but rubbery!