I will eat one item per day off the menu at McDonalds and write a review about it.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Item: Cookies
Price: 60c
Location: Victoria Gardens
Rating: 7/10

I was surprised at the price of these, I was expecting them to be about a dollar at least, but nope, 60c was all I had to fork over.

The box had more cookies than I thought too, which is nice. Some weird shit on the packaging though: "Hey, what can I say?" I do not understand what that's supposed to mean in the context of a box of cookies. The back also had a little quiz and a colouring in thingy. I guess if you're 5 it's a lot more amusing than if you're 21.

The cookies were very creamy and buttery. Other than that, um, they're good. They taste exactly like Teddy Bear biscuits from Arnott's. Which comes as no co-incidence, as these cookies are manufactured by Arnotts too.

These are supposed to be for kids, but I like them! For 60c you can't go wrong really. 7/10


Flora said...

I love McDonald's cookies too, are you getting sick of the food already hence trying the cookies this time? :P

Anthony said...

Nah, I thought people may be getting bored of reading about Deli Choices, the cookies can be a nice break from it :p

Daniel said...

You so bought the cookies the day before :p

Stuarkt said...

McDonalds Cookies with mustard, it almost doubles the price, but it's totally worthwhile.


Anthony said...

Mustard and cookies? What the fuck? haha
Do you dip the cookies into the mustard or what?

Sam said...

oh, and try the cookies with the soft serve. apparently its nice, but i havent tried it.

now, maccas fries and soft serve.. YUM!

markk said...

Cookies with soft serve totally rocks. Best dessert ever, for only a buck.

kirsty said...

heyo.. just thought id let ya know wat ur doing is awsome im making a documentry on how good mcdonalds is n ur cool lol
keep smilin :)

Anonymous said...

So Ronald McDonald wears glasses now?

Anonymous said...

They are very good dipped in honey too. Used to work there and it was my favorite treat.

Teh SarSar said...

Wow cookies 60c! I gotta get me some :D

McDonald's Freak said...

CBS 4 Anchor Shomari Stone explains how a woman gave birth in a McDonalds. It was a "fast delivery!"

Click on the internet link.


Anonymous said...

I have one thing for you to look at... Mechanically separated chicken. Look it up and your love of mcy d's will dissipate quick.

jean said...

Yummy... I love mcdonalds too..

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